Commercial Gps Navigation And Truck Routing

The best feature that it offers is the ability for you to set specific GPS navigation directions based on your truck. This app takes all the guess work out of picking a route. Customize your route based your truck’s type, height, weight, and width. One of the top GPS apps in the industry is Trucker Path. This one was designed specifically for the trucking industry and is rich with the kind of information truckers need. It will direct you to truck stops , local truck washes , or available truck parking nearby.

Our GPS system for trucks and truck driver GPS app provides the best truck GPS navigation for truck drivers nationwide. Truck Me In ™ is a unique and cutting-edge app that is specifically designed for truck drivers to help them navigate specific gate entrances. We have designed an innovative navigation solution to help truck drivers use specific pinpoints of locations entered by fellow drivers to get through shipping and receiving gates. The pinpoint helps the driver to navigate to the latitude and longitude location of the entrances that have been previously marked in the app’s database.

truck gps app

Especially that it’s free instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a Rand McNally or a Garmin. Some of the maps need updated, but just like every other gps, those need updated for Truck friendly and non truck friendly roads. A fleet manager or dispatcher builds a vehicle safety checklist in their web dashboard. Then, they make vehicle checks obligatory before and after each route. Truck drivers will then need to conduct safety checks every time they use the vehicle.

At the same time, other drivers might prefer using apps that have been developed specifically for professional drivers. Such apps include Trucker Path, Route4Me Truck Routing apps, PTV Navigator, Sygic Truck GPS Navigation, CoPilot GPS, SmartTruckRoute, DAT Trucker, and more. By now, you probably know what the best trucking GPS apps should look like.

Sygic Truck Gps Navigation App Reviews

It is organized to be rich in detail, yet helpful and not overwhelming. When you want to know more about a particular asset, simply click on it and you’ll jump right to where it is now, who is in it, how fast it’s driving, and a ton of other live activity data. Improve customer service and on-time deliveries with accurate ETAs based on real-time traffic conditions.

truck gps app

This app comes in first place on our list of the best trucker GPS applications. Drivers may use Trucker Path to identify the finest rest spots, weigh stations, nearby Walmarts, truck washes, and other amenities. It also tells you where to get the greatest fuel rates and user reviews from other truckers so you can take the smoothest and fastest route to your destination. This software is free with in-app purchases and is available for iOS and Android devices.

Copilot Gps Navigation

Smart Truck Route V2Smart Truck Route Version 2 is easy to use. All you have to do is speak or type in the destinations and within seconds how to build a gps app you will get a truck specific route with turn by turn directions. The road atlas that truck drivers prefer by far is made by Rand McNally.

I downloaded the app and I can say with certainty that I do not recommend this app to rookie drivers in the United States. I have been driving the truck now for 30 years and have use other GPS and this program constantly wanted to route me on two lane Rd.. Most were truck shouldn’t even be instead of rounding via interstate. It’s not worth the money not in the current state Ann I am highly disappointed at that time that the program or took to right this program and not do it correctly. Needless to say I will be deleting this program off my Apple iPad and I will be sending them an email not to charge my account for premium features as I will not be using it. This free app has extremely precise maps and can assist truckers to find weight scales, truck stations, truck-friendly motels, and restaurants, as well as comparing diesel prices.

  • The Google Maps route planner is a free online mapping tool, useful for planning personal trips with up to 10 stops.
  • And boosts to fleet safety, performance, and productivity are priceless and affordable with Azuga’s fleet management software.
  • If you don’t like this app, don’t use it, but don’t trash talk it.
  • Maybe you just have a certain mindset in what you want, and this isn’t it.

So, when using outdated maps, your truckers will get incorrect driving directions and could risk not only getting expensive fines but also compromising their safety. Truck route planner works accurately and finds the best route. This navigation app will get your current location, when the user enter the destination then GPS navigation system will calculate the shortest route. Free trucking app also provides road conditions and traffic alerts. Find the safe and shortest paths for truck which are loaded with cargo and reach at destination on time without using extra fuel.

The capability to choose one of the three route options after comparing estimated time on the road. All missing features are in this version and addresses can be found and bring you to correct place. Only issue is its too expensive considering I alresdy bought the regular sygic twice for two phones. Please make the regular version like this which is what the program used to be….

You stop at the nearest station and fill up, only to find that a cheaper option was only an exit or two farther down the road. Azuga Routes Azuga Routes is great for service, delivery and sales. Check the forum to join the discussion on the latest topics and news in the trucker community. Appreciate the ability to share your knowledge and experience nationwide.

Prepass Safety Alliance Acquires Truck Technology Firm

If you are looking for a traditional GPS that will give you turn by turn directions then this app is perhaps the one to pass up. Manhattan and Staten Island contain Limited Truck Zones with special time and size restrictions. Please refer to Section of the New York City Traffic Rules for more information. You’re on the road, in unfamiliar territory, and you realize you need to fill up.

truck gps app

Other times in areas like Heber city – Duchesne – Vernal… Fortunately, I have Google Maps, WAZE and the other REGULAR GPS that saved me. Maps & Navigation app for truckers to explore and navigate safely.

Plug And Play Native Integrations With The Leaders In Commercial Vehicle Gps Navigation Systems

With Track-POD, you can switch between GPS as you go, choosing the best navigation instructions for the area you’re delivering to. It offers real view navigation, a head-up display that projects navigation instructions up to your eyesight, and even sign recognition. TomTom does offer paid subscriptions that secure an ad-free experience with sophisticated features such as vehicle profile and drive to photos.

When having real-time traffic updates at hand, you will be able to avoid traffic jams during a rush hour, provide accurate ETAs, and avoid excessive truck idling. Luckily, truck routing software can help improve driver safety. For example, Route4Me’s truck route planning software can help carriers plan truck routes with scheduled breaks.

Truck Gps Navigation

In addition to voice navigation, Route4Me trucking software offers truckers the convenience to enable the night mode and left-hand mode whenever necessary. When looking for a complex trucking GPS solution or a truckers GPS app, you need to keep in mind that dedicated GPS devices for truckers can be expensive. Sure, you could find devices with very basic features for under $150.

Truck drivers will find that this is the best truck GPS app on the market to help navigate a seamless trucker path on every drive. Plan trips that are optimized for your vehicle, your load, and the number of stops you need to make. Save money by avoiding costly fines and reduce fuel usage with less time wasted on out-of-route miles. Offline maps are installed directly on your device, so you can say goodbye to high data costs. Definitely one of the best gps apps on the App Store for trucks.

Stay On The Right Path With Commercial Navigation

This way, you can implement proactive vehicle maintenance and reduce your truck repair costs in the long term while also improving driver and customer safety. In addition to choosing between reasons for rejection and documenting failed delivery, Track-POD also offers the option to rearrive at a delivery site. This means that the driver can go back to the delivery address and complete the delivery on their own terms without making it a separate route. Communication is key in all operations, logistics and delivery very much included. Track-POD gives drivers the option to get in touch with their supervisors without leaving the app.

It’s set to show all the Love’s and Pilot fuel stops, along with all the weigh stations. This app is more detailed than Trucker Path, but it also costs $9.99 for a one-month membership for iOS and Android. It’s easy to understand why this program is one of the top trucker GPS applications available, with over 16 million other truckers using it. Waze offers automated rerouting to keep you on track and get you to your destination faster.

The truck stops and truck locations could be updated a little better.give it a try.. I live in Utah and downloaded this app because I drive a hazmat truck… 80% of times I tryied to find a route and never the gps found the place.

This is not a secret that this is the first app many of as CDL holder get once we get on the road. For a longer time all we had is empty, somewhat full, and full. But the this new way of selecting parking availability came up when we can check even more in depth, more increments in showing how full the parking is. However why do these increments work only when updating the status but it still show the “old” way of empty, somewhat full, and full. For example, if most people selected 3/4 full when updating the status and someone, who’s looking for the parking, decides to check the status it will show him “full” or completely red. When I update the status I didn’t intend to show that it’s “full” I intend to show “3/4 full”.

Of all the things new truck drivers need to learn trip planning should be at the top along with how to pre-trip, backing, and managing time. Like the other GPS apps on this list you can expect safe routes so that you will always avoid things like low bridges, truck prohibited roads, and dangerous turns. In this article I took the time to put together the most comprehensive list of GPS apps for truck drivers.

The main drawback is that this software is only available for Android and costs $26.99. They do, however, provide a 14-day free trial, giving you plenty of time to determine if the app is appropriate for you. Investing in a trucker GPS navigation device will assist you in staying on the right track, arriving at your destination safely, and avoiding fines for driving the wrong road.

Both trucks and commercial vehicles cannot travel on most parkways in New York City. The New York City Truck Route Network is a set of roads that commercial vehicles must use in New York City. This network is comprised of two distinct classes of roadways, Local Truck Routes and Through Truck Routes.

Tap on the Install button located below the search bar and to the right of the app icon. The driver can choose a profile configuration based on truck length, truck height, truck width, truck weight, max. Axle load truck can carry, and whether he is carrying hazardous goods. While many of these applications can assist you in getting to your location, they should be used as a complement to your trucker’s GPS navigation rather than as a replacement. Ask any trucker, and they’ll tell you that the hardest thing they have to deal with, other than traffic, is the weather.

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